December 20, 2007

As your attorney I advise reindeer

Mat Staver* to the rescue!
Mayor Jim Schmitt said today he has received legal advice from the national advocacy group The Liberty Counsel, which indicated the city is on firm legal ground with the display, especially if some secular items, such as a Christmas tree and reindeer, are placed near the nativity scene.

The 'ol "Plastic Reindeer Rule" in action.

Why, it seems like only yesterday Schmitt himself was drafting guidelines requiring only "legitimate religious symbolism" for what is rapidly becoming the most ridiculous public display in the country.

Farce majeure continues.

* What happened to City Attorney Allison Swanson? Surely she knew about the Plastic Reindeer Rule. Oh, right, she advised caution. Then Jim Schmitt got Mat Staver into the act. It can only get worse now.


capper said...

Any guesses on how long before the religious right complain that the reindeer are making a mockery of the nativity scene?

illusory tenant said...

A fair question, considering that's exactly what Schmitt said about the Festivus pole.

Display Name said...

Lawsuits from the FFRF are the only way to educate some folks.

illusory tenant said...

This is my favorite part of the story:

Outside [Chad] Fradette's house there are no Christmas decorations.

"I just don't have time," he explained Wednesday. "Honestly, I'm at City Hall so often. It's dark every time I get home."