December 17, 2007

Lieberman endorses Maverick



Other Side said...

I had a Mustang once ... kind of a hip Maverick.

Anonymous said...

My buddy had a Maverick when I was a kid. It wasn't very reliable. But it was cheap, so at least Savings and Loans weren't necessary.

AutismNewsBeat said...

I drove a 72 Pinto for a while - the poor man's Maverick.

capper said...

My first car was not just a Maverick, but of the Grabber series (read whatever you want into that). It was pale green, white and very rusty. Kind of like a toad with leprosy.

It had a great engine...until the engine support struts rusted out and the whole thing fell out.

Other Side said...

I think it's funny that of all the posts, this one received the most comments.

Something to be said for benign thought.

capper said...

C'mon OS-

Neither Lieberman nor McCain are worth the struts of my old Maverick. The picture just brought up some old memories for me.

BTW, have either of you guys seen this Tim Rock guy? I've been looking for him.