December 28, 2007

Bête noire of the Googleoisie

A local conservative blogger is fawning over a local conservative radio squawker for allegedly “manufacturing an excellent new word” in an item the petit-boorgeois squawker concocted for Madison's weekly paper, the Isthmus.

The blogger trumpets this purported act of semantic genius as THE reason to read the squawker's occasional scribblings.

Unfortunately, the squawker didn't manufacture the word at all and in fact it appeared several months ago in a column by Dave Blaska in — you guessed it — the Isthmus:
[A]s mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani was the bête noire of the quicheoisie for cracking down on the squeegee men.
(Why liberals were enamored of the squeegee men is anyone's guess. I thought they were annoying as all hell.)

It also appears online as far back as 2004, in a discussion board posting about a missing University of Wisconsin student.

How embarrassing for both the squawker and the blogger, who has just made the squawker's embarrassment more acute (if, that is, either one is capable of embarrassment, which seems unlikely).

The conclusion, of course, is that this leaves NO reason to peruse said radio squawker's scribbled inanities.

“Googleoisie,” on the other hand, is an excellent new word, manufactured by me. Gaze upon my skillz and weep, mortal.


Display Name said...

I would prefer "Googlegentensia", as those of us who have the mad Google skills remind everyone of the intelligentsia. Why, I've even got a "Double True" t-shirt.

And I cringe when I see the news claim "there are 34 million hits on Google for 'paris hilton perfume' ". We know when they don't quote their search terms. Ijits.

grumps said...

It's tough for him to be embarassed by anything considering that he exhibits all the symptoms of a severely under-developed shame gland.

Sometimes I wonder if he even has a filter that let's him hear what he's saying.

livius said...

"Googleoisie" suggests an extra syllable goog-uhl-wazee. How about "Googloisie" instead? Naturally, I'll have to insist on full credit should see the light and use my version.

Anonymous said...

It goes back even further. Morning Talker Sly of WTDY was using it back in 1999.