December 22, 2007

You must have been a beautiful zygote

Because zygote, look at you now. This is what Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel gadfly Patrick McIlheran calls a "baby":

"Our desire to ease the suffering of a raped woman has led a majority of the Legislature to overlook the baby, as if its humanity were contingent on how it was conceived."
I bet he can't tell whether this one is a human or a sea urchin.


Anonymous said...

Not really Ad Misericordium, I think -- just plain old question-begging via slanted rhetoric. Sort of like choosing to call El Salvadoran death squad goons "freedom fighters". Paddy Mac skips the argument stage by assuming the truth of his views. Who could have foreseen it?

Other Side said...

It's people like the Macmeister who will lead the charge into forced insemination of women, because, you know, a woman's humanity isn't contingent on how she is impregnated.