April 26, 2012

Wisconsin high court takes a four-bambini lunch

Video link to the portion of yesterday's Wisconsin Supreme Court open administrative conference which Justices Prosser, Roggensack, Ziegler, and Gableman* refused to attend. Reportedly the quartet objected to an open discussion of Justice Roggensack's proposal to do away with open discussions. The remaining three justices discuss why Roggensack et al's reasoning is fatuous. Mike Gableman had complained that the open conferences had no parallels in other States — a false claim, evidently** — and Justice Ziegler was concerned that the open conferences contributed to the diminished public esteem in which the court is held.

Which makes sense because when the CJ has to send the marshal to solicit the votes of four justices who are pouting in their chambers like spoiled children, public esteem for the institution is greatly augmented.

* The "conservatives." Just call them Republicans and get it over with.

** False claims being what Gableman is most famous for and indeed helped Gableman to a Supreme Court chambers in which to now pout.


Display Name said...

I's almost as if they ran out-of-state to take a long lunch at the Clock Tower Resort in beautiful suburban Rockford, IL.

Imagine that! The WisGOP minions and squawkers will be all over this flight from duty and responsibility, right?

Anonymous said...

They must realize that "shutting out the public" would result in even less confidence in the court. What are they trying to hide is the first question that comes to mind.

Geoff said...

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

We should never allow public servants to convene privately. In fact we should declassify everything. Foley you are a R-tard.

illusory tenant said...

That's libtard to you. And your anonymous gibberish is hardly the point.

Other Side said...

Wow, Tom -- I didn't know you were back. Excellentamundo!

I've been blogging at Blogging Blue but will be starting a fun little adventure at my blog soon. Sort of serial storytelling.

Anyway, real glad you are back.