April 29, 2012

Prosser complaint "has gone on long enough" — MJS

Even though it's barely gotten started

Drop the Wisconsin Judicial Commission complaint against Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, urges the deep thinkers at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial board. "Under normal procedure, the court would appoint a panel of three appeals court judges who would hear the case," they claim. What is "normal procedure"? Well, they don't say.

Presumably the edit board is relying on unsubstantiated claims made by Justice Prosser and his attorneys and reported by the Journal-Sentinel. In fact those are the main premises underlying the Journal-Sentinel's argument, if indeed one can straighfacedly call it an argument at all.

But the Wisconsin statutes clearly say that the chief judge of the court of appeals shall appoint the panel. And apparently the Journal-Sentinel couldn't care less for the law, so often has its falsehood been repeated.

Prosser is a Republican whose reelection the Journal-Sentinel supported.

Because, as the edit board offered at the time, "he is a good writer."


Mike said...

Good Lord. I mean this is entertaining and all and part of me doesn't want it to go away for the sheer comedy value, but you would think Justice Prosser would want it to. A smarter politician (and don't tell me he is anything else) would take his medicine and move on. Double jeopardy works in politics too.

But no, dude wants to drag this out. The probability of his finishing his term (nine years left) is approximately zero.

illusory tenant said...

His latest is pretty amusing too. Something about the chokehold being an interpretive dance as expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment.