April 30, 2012

Conservative bishop would let liberal corpses rot

Is what it says here. Nice religion you got there buddy.
The penalty was widely used in the Middle Ages ...
So Mr. Morlino's nostalgic for the golden days of fanaticism. Figures.


Good and Godless said...

That is a coward bishop - hiding behind deceit and threats. Be brave and live with the truth... the bible is made up, there are no gods.

Damnation is among the arsenal of threats used to corral people into christianity against their better judgement. Atheists are growing in numbers and in percentages of the population, the trend will continue and the backlash is out of fear of the loss of power over peoples.
Plenty know better - a few speak up and are heard. More will join and it long past time for dissolution of the church altogether.

Alex said...

"it long past time for dissolution of the church altogether."

Yeah! I mean who needs the First Amendment anyway!

Let's just force all people to be Good and Godless. Can't see anything going wrong if we did that! Oh wait, there's China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, East Germany, and the list goes on.

It's actually kind of ironic that when you scratch so many atheists, you find people who are every bit as authoritarian as Morlino, but are just hostile to religion instead of pro-religion. Maybe if people like Good and Godless would just stick to defending freedom of thought and religion rather than voicing creepy authoritarian fantasies, there wouldn't be so much hostility towards them. See also: PZ Myers.

illusory tenant said...

I don't believe even PZ Myers has suggested that the government dissolve any church.

Display Name said...

Whew, for a second there, I thought Alex was going to tell us he is not sympathetic to authoritarian organizations.

Bill Kurtz said...

Morlino's flack then denounced the story as proof the State Journal was anti-Catholic. He never said it wasn't true, but denounced the tone.
Apparently Morlino, unlike Scott Walker, Tom Barrett, Brett Bielema or even a corporate CEO, thinks he can dictate how he is covered.
Morlino is the finest mind of the 14th century.