April 14, 2012

Loop Hole Davey

Hi everybody! What's up with this?
[Wisconsin Court of Appeals Chief Judge Richard] Brown has said he needs an order from the Supreme Court to create the panel.
Where's he getting that from?
If a jury is not requested [which it was not], the matter shall be heard by a panel constituted under sub. (3).
Sub. (3):
A judicial conduct and permanent disability panel shall consist of either 3 court of appeals judges or 2 court of appeals judges and one reserve judge. Each judge may be selected from any court of appeals district including the potential selection of all judges from the same district. The chief judge of the court of appeals shall select the judges and designate which shall be presiding judge.
He don't need no stinking order. That's his order ("shall") right there.

And I wonder what Justice Prosser's BFF Mike Gableman thinks about Prosser trying on every procedural loophole in the book in an attempt to keep his ethics case out of court. As for Prosser's "sparring" with the Chief Justice over his ethics case's posture, Prosser is wrong. While the Judicial Commission's complaint is filed with the Supreme Court, that court has nothing to do with it until the panel has heard the case and issued its findings. However it's not surprising that Prosser believes his case is already before the Supreme Court, as he's been known to issue extraordinary writs in cases where he and his allegedly "conservative" colleagues do not even have jurisdiction (and then removing himself from the same case because his personal political campaign lawyer — the notorious James Troupis, Esq. — was set to argue the case before him).

Hope y'all are having fun up there!

White Stripes: Black Jack Davey


Anonymous said...

welcome back! please stay back! :) <3

Ed Fallone said...

Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in.

Anonymous said...

IT is back!

Ordinary Jill said...

Welcome back!

Oneida Heights said...

It may be April 14th but if IT has returned, it is Friday the 13th for Peppercorn Gableman.

Unknown said...

Where ya been, man?

Anonymous said...

Missed you! Sure hope you'll keep writing. Interesting times here. We sure could use your insight.

Anonymous said...

hi please send your details again ive missplaced them

Blake said...

Oh how I've missed you. Stop checking every day for a few days and see what happens. Hurray! May the monitoring of the hypocrisy and corruption never stop.

illusory tenant said...

Thanks everybody. Y'all are far too kind.