April 19, 2012

Why hasn't Prosser called for Gableman's recusal?

File under: Mike Gableman's date uncertain

Anybody remember these two little ditties?

Who will be the next Wisconsin special prosecutor — 09.02.2011

"I'm aware of a story involving another justice." — 09.03.2011

Perhaps Justice Prosser needs "the Honorable" Mike Gableman to testify to Justice Ann Walsh Bradley's history of workplace violence. But seriously, why has Mike Gableman thus far been immune from either a criminal or a judicial commission investigation? Or, for that matter, Justice Bradley? Because Gableman accused Justice Bradley of "striking" him on the back of the head. Or could it be that everyone else — like your humble correspondent — can't possibly take Gableman seriously.*

And, lest we forget the famous peppercorn ...

* With the exception of Justice Prosser, who calls Gableman, "tireless, indefatigable, and brilliant" (brilliance is doubly tiring doncha know).

Prosser also told the public to "get over" Gableman's pisspoor ethics. No. I personally find Justice Prosser's latter admonition ironic, as it was he who swore me into the Wisconsin bar immediately upon delivering a lecture on the paramount importance of professional ethics.

Was I not to have taken him seriously either?

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