July 8, 2009

Gableman claims "harassment"

I'm a victim of circumstance. — Jerome "Curly" Howard
That the state ... is allowed to award damages in the form of public discipline of a lawfully elected judge suggests that this is more a form of harassment and punishment by the state than an effort to protect any legitimate concern or interest on the part of the state.
Via Patrick Marley, the only reporter on Earth following this story.

Hard to tell from this excerpt whether Gableman is specifically attacking his present complainant or the entire State constitutional and statutory edifice that provides for the discipline of judges.

If the latter, it's bordering on the absurd.

Either way, it's a somewhat petulant tactic. Which is to say, not unexpected. I hope the ellipsis doesn't stand for "in this case."

Or maybe he thinks only appointed judges should be disciplined. No, that can't be right, because Gableman himself was appointed to the circuit court in Burnett County by former Republican governor Scott McCallum following directly on a flurry of partisan political activities.

Besides, you can't exactly claim to be lawfully elected when your campaign was based in part on lies you told about your opponent, can you. ("Lying" is the Wisconsin Judicial Commission's word for it, at least. I fail to see any reason to challenge or dispute it.)

In any event, harassment seems to me a pretty frivolous charge, and to suggest that the process underway is itself punishment sounds a lot like a last ditch argument a criminal defendant might make at his sentencing hearing. Gableman should save that one for later.

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