July 10, 2009

Local "journalistic ethics" saga continues

One of these days a debrief would be helpfulEdward Flynn

No doubt.

The saga continues, although it's now winding itself down from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's front page into the "blogs":
Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn and journalist Jessica McBride traded an astounding 217 messages over four months on his city e-mail account, newly released records show.

In the e-mails, the pair proved chatty and friendly.

"Once the article is declared done, with the expectation that you won’t be ‘covering’ me in your professional capacity, I guess we wouldn’t be violating journalistic ethics (notice I didn’t make a smart remark) if we stayed connected and I received the benefit of your particular perspective," the chief wrote on Jan 6.
You sly devil, you.

Via the J-S's investigative watchdog Daniel Bice.

From the comments:
Interesting that such a right-winger only seems to be able to keep her government job and not anything in the public sector.* Ironic.
Indeed. Along with the occasional political hack work. The future of that government job remains to be seen, as Bice reported earlier:
In the next year or two, McBride will be up for "indefinite status," which is similar to tenure for academic staff members. Officials in the journalism department have declined to comment so far on the matter.
Kind of a "do as I say, not as I do" teaching position.

And: Mike Mathias chortles at the Charlie Sykes connection.

Also: A wingnut scours the correspondence for telltale erotica:
It is clear from the very early exchanges that both McBride and Flynn are (figuratively) "buttering each other up."
But alas, no Last Tango in Paris for Juan McAdams.

* Presumably the commenter meant "private sector."


Anonymous said...

i like mcadams' comment indicating that it is not within ones' control to avoid the appearance of impropriety. i guess that's why justices wilcox and crooks did not find it necessary to recuse themselves from the school choice case. somehow, justice bradley was able to get it.

illusory tenant said...

McAdams is always good for a laugh. He blames "liberal bloggers" for making McBride a "victim." But the truth is, a number of "liberal bloggers" were aware of this story long before Bice reported it, but none of them posted a word until after Bice's account appeared.

Anonymous said...

Huh? A government job IS the public sector.

What in the world did the commenter -- and this blogger -- mean?

illusory tenant said...

Good catch. I hadn't even noticed.