July 14, 2009

Local wingnut quote of the day

There is no justification for liberals to pontificate from their lofty high horses* since they have no ability to reason or rationalize using clear thought, facts, and documentation.
I'm informed that the author of this trenchant and doubtlessly well-supported claim is not only a regular "debater" on Milwaukee Public Television, but an actual legislative aide to a State Senator.

May God, in His infinite Mercy, help us all.

h/t Pundit Nation.**

* As distinguished from their subterranean high horses.
** Don't watch the video, unless you're a sadomasochist.

1 comment:

Clutch said...

No ability to reason or rationalize using clear thought? Well, as long as they can reason or rationalize without using clear thought, I suppose they'll be fine.

I'm intrigued by whether there are people who are actually more persuaded by such "big-word" bluster when it's borderline grammatical, redundant, and characterized by poor lexical choices, than when it is elegant, grammatical, and precise.

That there are people who can't tell the difference isn't contentious. But it would be interesting if some people actually found garbled pseudo-intellectualism more appealing than articulateness -- people who hear "I know this whereas it was in many books that the liberry borrowed me, ipso facto" as more compelling than "The claim is well-attested, and I can provide you with references should you wish them."

Certainly it would explain a lot.