July 25, 2009

UW-Oshkosh professor a "minion of Satan"

It says so right here. The psych lit refers to these as delusions, occasionally coupled with the descriptive modifier, "paranoid."

Makes you wonder whether the interior decor at 222 S. Hamilton Street, Suite 24, Madison, WI 53703* features rubber wallpaper.

"Evil never takes a vacation," claims Julaine Appling, literally [sic] demonizing her political adversaries, always a compelling strategery.

Nevertheless and for whatever reasons, many Americans willingly accept the legitimization of this particular manner of delusion so long as it's accompanied by correct citation to Bible chapter and verse.

By the same means, Julaine Appling presents herself as a "minion of Jesus Christ," engaged in eternal struggle with the forces of Darkness and Evil. In the present instance, people who happen to be gay.

Charming, isn't it. No, not exactly. More like reprehensible.

* Appling v. Gov. Jim Satan and all His minions (.pdf; 17 pgs.).


Brett said...

Apparently Jesus is presently taking a vacation.

Ordinary Jill said...

I wonder if Julaine Appling deliberately patterned herself after Dana Carvey's Church Lady character, or if it's just another example of life imitating art.

illusory tenant said...

It's not a real big leap from Appling's rhetoric into Phelps Family territory, if you ask me.