November 8, 2008

RFK Jr. should keep his day job

When I first heard that Barack Obama was reportedly considering Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for a cabinet level position, my first thought was 'You have got to be kidding me.' Having heard him speak a few times, he strikes me as a conspiracy theorist and a hyperbolic nut.

Apparently it's quite a bit worse than that, and the science blogger who calls himself "Orac" has much, much more here.

Obama should think about re-appointing Christie Todd Whitman to head up the Environmental Protection Agency. She had the position early on in the first G.W. Bush administration but resigned rather than genuflect in obeisance to Dick Cheney.

Not only is she smart, competent, and experienced, but the political benefit would be great, considering that Obama owes much of his victory to dissatisfaction with the likes of Cheney.


PaulNoonan said...

That would be a good idea. Agreed.

AutismNewsBeat said...

RFK, Jr: conspiracy nut. Well put.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on RFK, but isn't Whitman the one who resigned from the EPA in disgrace after proclaiming 9/11 ground zero to be environmentally safe enough for rescue workers to proceed, when later evidence came out that showed the EPA knew it was nowhere near safe, and lead to many chronic illnesses and even deaths from the toxic atmosphere? Also looking at the EPA record under the last administration, not sure if I want anybody associated with that record anywhere near that department. Just sayin'.