November 18, 2008

Against the person

Apparently there has been a lot of chatter over this article about local squawk radio that appeared last week in Milwaukee Magazine. And at least one of its subjects reportedly devoted a considerable amount of energy to responding (read: gesticulating) in its general direction.

But as Bruce Murphy sums up today,
rather than addressing [the article's] specific observations, Charlie Sykes mostly heaps scorn on [its author].
That should come as a surprise to nobody.


Display Name said...

The first thing that struck me about Sykes' response was the white space and miserable formatting. Has the guy not figured out his own blog yet? Does he not care? Is there no one at the station who can help him with this? His post is suffering seriously from the bloat that comes from copy-and-paste of the gawd-awful HTML that is belched out of Microsoft Word. Someone needs to show him the (Not So) Secrets of Teh Interwebs.

My mind reels with a fantasy that Charlie dictates his posts to a secretary who then types them up for his approval and mark-up, then sends the corrected Word doc to someone else to post to the blog.

Jay Bullock said...

My mind reels with a fantasy ...

John, you need better fantasies.