November 7, 2008

GOP not intolerant enough: Perkins

Tony Perkins, who runs another one of these religious "family values" outfits, has taken to blaming moderate Republicans for Tuesday's devastating Electoral College loss to the rival Democrats.

Nevertheless, Perkins derives great solace from the fact that the relentlessly evil homosexualists were defeated in three States that had "marriage protection" initiatives on the ballot.

(Although Perkins and pals failed rather spectacularly with the Colorado "eggmendment," one of the strangest preemptive constructions of the 14th Amendment ever proffered.)

"What has made the conservative movement strong is when you have social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, and foreign policy conservatives working together," Perkins said at an underground meeting of Republicans in Virginia yesterday.

Hard to say whether a foreign policy conservative is an isolationist or a warmonger, but aren't there a lot of fiscal conservatives who don't really care so much for what the gays get up to?

Perkins loves his demons, to be sure, but I get the impression that most Americans have more worthwhile objects of concern these days.

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