November 7, 2008

Obama to declare martial law

Just as soon as his terrorist plots come to fruition.

Remember, Cynthia Dunbar, Esq. told you so.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. It seems there's never a shortage of wackaloon howler monkeys from the rightwing, nutcase fringe here in Texas to make the rest of us look bad. It's bad enough that George W. Bush set us back a generation or so already in the estimation of the civilized world.

You know what's worse? The Texas Legislature convenes for its every-two-years mugging of common sense and reason in January.

Anonymous said...

"A graduate of Regent University Law, she was the founding editor of the Regent University Law Review."

Another proud Regent product. Such a shame Bush is leaving office before she can be named Attorney General, White House Counsel, or Federal Judge.