November 1, 2008

Lying: It's a Family Value

Our old friends at the tax-exempt outfit the Coalition for America's Families, who lied and lied and lied their way through last spring's Wisconsin Supreme Court election campaign, are at it again.

This time their lying ways have been brought to the attention of a Jackson County judge, who this morning issued a temporary restraining order against CFAF, which is running radio ads critical of a Democratic candidate for Wisconsin's 92nd Assembly District.

Not only are CFAF's statements most likely false in violation of a State elections statute, writes Circuit Court Judge Thomas Lister, but they were just as likely made with actual malicious intent.

Meanwhile, here's what you'll find on CFAF's website:
The Coalition for America's Families has continually supported policies that set a strong example for our families. CFAF has lent their support to efforts that give our community leaders the ability to follow their moral compass.
Such as malicious lying, from the looks of it.

More: CFAF claims ex parte (by one party) orders violate the First Amendment, describes temporary ruling as "banana republic."

See above.


Anonymous said...

Why is the Republican Party coming to the defense of a supposed "independent" group? If the Coalition for American Families and the Wisconsin Institute for Leadership are truly not coordinating with the GOP (which everyone knows they are doing), why is the state GOP in doing the defense for these dishonest ads in the media reports? The State GOP needs to be investigated for their illegal coordination with these supposed independent groups.

illusory tenant said...

Where do you get that, from the updated JSOnline report? I assume the reporter called Mark Jefferson for comment.

And I would expect the GOP to take an interest in the case along with everybody else, because it is fairly unusual and raises free speech questions.