April 3, 2008

Today's top headline

Extremist left wing hate blogger outs self

Please don't tell any of my pre-teen piano students, lest they get all a-skeered of my horrific, true self. On the other hand, maybe
The Fear would get them to practice more! Hmm ...

Jane Hampden, I must say, absolutely rules. Big, big ups, Jane.


capper said...

I could've helped you out, you know. It's "Capper" with a hard C. Like Canuck.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just listened to the podcast.

You didn't suck!

It was pretty interesting. You've had a non-linear career path, eh?

It was too short, though. You were just getting warmed up (suggesting the new categories in DSM-IV for Patrick McIhleran was very, very funny) when it was time to quit.

Return engagement! The listening audience demands one...

illusory tenant said...

You've had a non-linear career path, eh?

I forgot to mention my days as a devil-may-care financier on the Vancouver Stock Exchange. I once pushed an ashtray under the cigarette of former VSE chairman Peter Brown.