April 26, 2008

A is for poisoned Appling

This is old news, but I just came across it at Wisconsin Public Television's WisconsinVote.org, which appears to be on hiatus. There is a March 31 link to something called the "State of America's Families blog," and you know you have to check it out because all of them there outfits with "Family" in the name are the real beacons of God's Own Truth and Honesty in America today.

The link gets you to some sort of press release by a gibbering nutcake called Julaine Appling, "president of Wisconsin Family Action." (These "families" are self-referentially incestuous.)

And what you will find is horrifying:
Fair Wisconsin has good reason to believe that Butler will side against traditional marriage as Butler spoke at the Wisconsin LGBT PAC Garden Party in August of 2007. This group subsequently endorsed Butler, noting on its web site that he “spoke in support of LGBT equality.”
First of all I don't quite get how you can accuse somebody of siding against traditional marriage who has been married for 25 years and has grandchildren as opposed to another that's been a lifelong bachelor for going on four-and-a-half decades.

And yes, I know it's damn near unpossible for the "family" units to believe, but somebody actually spoke in support of equality — in America! I can almost hear Jefferson rotating in his grave.

It's getting like Iran around here these days, I tell ya.

Constructive perverts like Julaine Appling and her neurotically prurient ilk spend too much time fixated on the mechanical details of sexual coupling and not enough addressing the larger questions of gender. They're like people who hate porn so much they have to watch it over and over again to make sure it really does offend them.

Does Julaine Appling think, for example, that persons born with ambiguous genitalia "chose that lifestyle"? Not only is sexuality defined with considerable fluidity throughout humanity, so too is our very gender: female, male, and not so clear-cut.

It's little different from what people call "race," which is really only a set of physical distinctions evolved over several hundred thousand years and exactly what you'd expect to find in individual populations within any species. Even the creationists have a word for it: "microevolution." And there's no arguing with them.

In other words, because my parents weren't descended from any of the populations that emigrated eastward across Asia 70,000 years ago, I couldn't choose to look like Akira Kurosawa. Or Miles Davis.

By a similar token, just because somebody's not a raging stud heterosexual in full speed-rut like the "reverend" Ted Haggard doesn't make them exempt from fundamental U.S. freedoms.

"I think we've been extremely tolerant in allowing them to live wherever they choose," Julaine Appling has been reported as saying about gay people. Well that's mighty white of you, Ms. Appling (if that really is your real gender).

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kay said...

Everytime I see this woman's name my skin crawls.