April 18, 2008

Thought I was dreaming

Earthquake rocks illusory tenement

Vince Taylor — Shakin' All Over
Vince Taylor used to live here
Nobody's ever heard of him ...
Ain't that a shame
— Van Morrison, Goin' Down Geneva


Emily said...

I'm actually kinda bummed I slept through it / was too far away to be woken up by it. Never felt me a proper earthquake. But I guess that's a good thing.

illusory tenant said...

Never felt me a proper earthquake.

Me neither. It's a strange sensation, more wobble than shake. (More Wobble Than Shake, incidentally, is the title of my next album, available on Epic Records & Tapes.)

3rd Way said...

I usually make it out to California at least once a year to visit family. I have always had a secret desire to experience a little wobble and shake while I am out there. I guess I am fortunate that this desire has never been fufilled.

How cool would it be to lay on your back in the middle of a field and feel the earth rumble around?