April 22, 2008

"Our" Lord? Oy, vey iz mir.

Last Tuesday, the sheriff of Burnett County, Dean Roland, issued a letter on government stationery trumpeting a two-hour prayer breakfast at a restaurant in the county seat, Siren, on May 1. The featured speaker is none other than Mike Gableman. Sheriff Roland writes:
Judge Gableman is a man who is deeply committed to our Lord, his religion and his profession.
Excuse me? Assuming Sheriff Roland is referring to Jesus Christ (or Allah, for that matter), that is not "our Lord," nor especially is Jesus Christ the "Lord" of Burnett, Milwaukee, or even Ashland County.

He's certainly not my "Lord," and I don't believe he's the Lord of any of my Jewish friends either. Why in the Sam Hill would Sheriff Roland use official government stationery to declare such a thing?

None too bright, that's for sure. Needless to say, Madison's Freedom From Religion Foundation has lodged a complaint. I'm not sure I'd go so far as the FFRF's wholesale condemnation of the prayer breakfast, but it's hardly appropriate — to say the least — for the expression "our Lord" to appear on official government stationery.


Emily said...

I'd love to say "See! See!" at how quickly Gableman has gone about showing his true colors, but ultimately, I'm just too sad.

Display Name said...

It's like many actions within government. Someone rises to a position, and believes they have to live up to their internal notion of Leader, and should serve all the needs of those who look up to / suck up to them. They don't feel any opposition on many issues. They've been taught by their religious leaders not to admire the separation of church and state. If their circle of underlings isn't diverse, or isn't willing to stick up for their right to believe what they want, they'll go along, especially if it confers status, shows solidarity, or implies character. Why does he do it as Sheriff? Because of the power the title and organization confers. If he did it on his own, it wouldn't be quite as much fun. He's got to show he can stand up to the godless hordes.

Of course, Roland endorsed Gableman: ' "He applies the rule of law, he applies the intent of the law," said Burnett County Sheriff Dean Roland. "Given the job responsibilities of a Supreme Court judge, which is to interpret those cases brought before . . . I think he's the kind of person to make those decisions.'

Clearly we can see that Roland has a proper view of judicial activism and would make a great judge, too.