April 23, 2008

Reductio ad Hitlerum

Godwin's Law is a rule of the internets which states that during online debates, the earlier a participant brings up Adolf Hitler or Nazi Germany, the less likely fruitful arguments will then obtain.

Godwin's Law has disastrous real life consequences as well, as indicated by the shooting to death of a Milwaukee man in federal prison "during a melee that erupted when a white-supremacist prison gang taunted African-American prisoners on Adolf Hitler's birthday."

"[Colorado State Rep. Buffie] McFadyen said there needs to be an analysis of what caused the riot." I can save her the expense of at least one legislative subcommittee and tell her right now: Stupidity and ignorance, evidently regular features of the human condition.

Now all that remains is for judger of top models Ben Stein and his buffoonish "intelligent design" supporters to tell us that the white supremacists had just come from their prison book club, where they were discussing Charles Darwin's On the Origin Of Species.

They might also explain why white supremacists are apparently exempt from the theoretical bases for "intelligent design."


Tom said...

What's the law which states that mentioning Ben Stein results in a decrease in productive discussion?

illusory tenant said...

Haha. Hey, welcome back, stranger.

grumps said...

That would be Kimmel's Corollary.

capper said...

That is why I always use Vlad the Impaler.