September 26, 2008

Jobs created in the trade sector

Hard to argue with ol' Cafferty.

Transcript: [unintelligible].

Howzabout a flowchart.


Anonymous said...

He's right, of course, but that hard-bitten city desk editor affectation is wearing mighty thin. Same with the big O's Extra Special Comment. The zeitgeist is calling for righteous anger, but it's not very convincing when done on cue.

He needs to either buy a sense of humor or just go ahead and crank the Howard Beale o'meter up to 11. He could try sneaking out back and smoking a big spliff, like this guy did.

illusory tenant said...

"Flawless campaign ..." He's got the sticky bud, alright.

Anonymous said...

A better barb, slightly edited:

Have you no brains, madam, at long last? I get spam which makes more sense than this. I get spam which makes more sense as an answer to Couric’s question than this. Jesus.

And old man Fallows takes off a glove:

After thirty years of meeting and interviewing politicians, I can think of exactly three people who sounded as uninformed and vacant as this. All are now out of office. One was a chronic drunk.

Clutch said...

It's a masterwork.