September 9, 2008

Fundamentalisms observed

The most noxious belief that [Alaska Governor Sarah] Palin shares with Muslim fundamentalists is her conviction that faith is not a private affair of individuals but rather a moral imperative that believers should import into statecraft wherever they have the opportunity to do so. That is the point of her pledge to shape the judiciary. Such a theocratic impulse is incompatible with the Founding Fathers' commitment to tolerance and democracy, which is why they forbade the government to "establish" or officially support any particular religion or denomination.
Strong stuff from Prof. Juan Cole.

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Thomas Joseph said...

This is why I have a problem with so many of our politicians. Do they stop, for even a moment, and think: When the majority changes, will this be used against us? I think the answer to that is an emphatic no. For instance, when the Republicans proposed their judicial nuclear option in 2005 by threatening to rewrite the filibuster rule, did they think for a moment that in 2009 or 2010 that filibuster may actually be useful? Certainly not, but they should have planned for that eventuality.

Similarly, when certain Christians get all high and mighty (and I don't know if Palin is doing this or not) and try to force their brand of faith down everyone's throat ... well, that might be all well and good FOR YOU for a few years, but when the majority shifts and you're being force-fed Islam you might rue the day you screwed everything up.

Sad thing is, I don't think they'd acknowledge their own responsibility in bringing about such a situation. Rather, they'd just pine for the "good ol' days".

As a Catholic of Irish AND Italian descent, I know just how hard Catholic immigrants had to fight to keep their faith intact without the interventions of Protestant elements such as forcing religion in public schools ... and I think that we're better off this way. For now, people might be content with the KJV in school ... those people will NOT be content with the Koran in school. So, if you don't want the Koran, leave the KJV at home too. It's as simple as that.