September 23, 2008

Pop star Bono to enhance Palin's credibility

Photos good, questions bad.

This candidacy is such an obvious farce it's amazing that anyone actually takes it seriously. What are they thinking?

And what is the McCain campaign afraid of? This surely never would have happened with Christie Todd Whitman.

BREAKING: Hamid Karzai was not wearing his famed Karakul cap, which is fashioned from the downy skins of aborted lamb fetuses.


Clutch said...

It's enough to make one wonder -- again -- whether the McCain campaign is total clown shoes because the GOP (or at least some of its brain trust and deep pockets) really isn't that excited about inheriting the knee-deep pigshit that their eight years of rule has left behind.

Four years of productive sniping at Dem efforts to clean the Augean stables, followed by a quick return to power -- versus -- four more years of power that finally, unmistakeably, pin the disastrous consequences of GOP policies on the Republicans, followed by the prospect of complete annihilation in 2012?

Just a thought.

illusory tenant said...

That may be the refrain come Nov. 5: "It's just as well, we didn't want it anyway."

Emily said...

More on this.

Pretty ridiculous, but hey, it makes them look bad, so that's fun.

illusory tenant said...

They're very foolish. Meanwhile, Obama gave a speech and held a press conference on the Treasury secretary's bail-out package.

Anonymous said...

the downy skins of aborted lamb fetuses

Leopard excrement?

illusory tenant said...

Wow, I haven't seen Spitting Image in aeons.