June 5, 2012

Scott Walker will not be praying for victory

Is what it says here, because, as Abraham Lincoln put it:
God doesn’t pick sides in elections. He* calls us to be on his side.
It's true. Libertarian Jesus calls us to break the law, violate the constitution, and invent jurisdiction by Republican fiat. And of course Libertarian Jesus says 'No' to collective bargaining. It's in the Bible.

Never mind that Abraham Lincoln's context was the emancipation and restoration of full and equal civil rights for black African slaves according to the promise of the American Declaration of Independence. But that's Scott Walker for you, a pious fraud with a six-figure criminal defense fund derived from political contributions, who's only ever drawn a salary from the tax dollars he professes to detest. After an entire life spent as a career politician, it's about time for Wisconsin governor Scott Walker to gain some experience in the private sector. Do send him there today.

Don't worry, he won't starve, and he'll hardly have to do any actual work.

(Also, if anybody deserves to get elected today, it's Lori Compas.)

* God's an aging white male Republican who probably lives in West Bend.

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