June 18, 2012

Out-of-State agitators return to Wisconsin

How's this for pointless, recreational litigation.
Christian Gossett, a Republican ...
... [is] represented by a Georgia lawyer.
Also, naturally. I hope they lose but if not, the expression "law enforcement officer" is broadened to include defense attorneys.

Why shouldn't it? Equal protection and all that, figuratively and literally. Defense counsel appears in court for the same reasons, to ensure the law is enforced within the boundaries of the various constitutions.

Given the preponderance of ineffective assistance of counsel claims, an unlucky defendant is just as likely to shoot his own lawyer as the ADA.*

Possibly even more likely.

* The conflict is between sub. 3 and sub. 2, wherein permission to carry in the courtroom is required from the presiding judge, as it should be.
Perhaps Mr. Gossett and his subordinates are free to strut around with their handguns in the courtroom so long as the court is not in session.

Or else maybe a judge can invoke her "supervisory/original" jurisdiction.


sofa said...

How about all those paid agitators trying to overthrough the election of Scott Walker.
Those people cost the state millions, and those agitators need to be sued- to recover the cost of the recall.

Money doesn't grow on trees. Wisconsin can't just print it.

Blake said...

And you can't sue people for exercising their constitutional rights. Next.

Other Side said...

I can't resist. Sofa, sit on it.