June 21, 2012


Priceless. 'Twas more than a peppercorn, apparently.

Go Scot. That's me boy.


Anonymous said...

"'The initial guidance that I received from the Government Accountability Board provided me the opportunity to intervene in the case. Upon further review, the GAB went in a different direction in its final ruling,' [Vos] said in a statement. 'I continue to support the efforts in this lawsuit and hope we can do everything possible to preserve the integrity of the election process.'

Reid Magney, a spokesman for the Accountability Board, said he couldn't comment beyond saying that the first guidance Vos had received was the letter sent to him by the agency today."

It would be awesome if these Walkerite yahoos could occasionally open their mouths without straight-up lying.

illusory tenant said...

No shit.