June 6, 2012

Minority leader Scott Fitzgerald

Sounds good.


Sonoma Badger said...

We didn't get him out of the playroombut at least we took his toys away. Thanks for the positive note.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. Yeh, he "survived" the recall -- for this? The back bench?

Thank you, Tom Barrett, for helping us win in Racine! We couldn't have done it without a statewide race, without your work here, too -- or all the money that descended upon us in Darling's district last year would have overwhelmed us in Racine this year.

Blake said...

It ain't a small consolation prize.

paulb said...

Controlling the Senate will keep Right to Work (for less) legislation from Walkers desk. A major win in itself.

Anonymous said...

You bet re right-to-work . . . I fully expected, had we not won back the state Senate, to see Walker call a special session -- and to do so on Wednesday or at least this week.

I expected that in part because some of us in the state pension fund have seen a lot of info not out and about elsewhere. . . .

So even more important (to me and hundreds of thousands of others), you bet re no raid on our state pension fund.

And as or more important to me and to all of us, as the environment and our natural resources are so crucial to life here (or, just: to life on our planet), at least a delay if not a strikeout on reviving the mining bill. Btw, I see it as the mining-and-wetlands bill, as anyone actually reading it can see -- and not just a northern Wisconsin bill, as it applied to wetlands statewide.

That's at least three items that I feared to see on the agenda of a special session called this week. I'm sleeping better now than I have in ages, especially with the worry not only about my life and livelihood here but also about my life savings here. I'm near retirement age, and my spouse is well past retirement age but also still working, because of the fears about my pension fund.

Maybe we can retire soon, after all. And maybe we won't have to flee Wisconsin with our retirement funds, taking those resources out of our state, too.

And again, hundreds of thousands of us in the pension fund had these fears. So this win in the state legislature is huge for us who work for the number-one employer in the state: the state (and add to it others in the public sector in the fund).

No doubt it is huge as well for those reliant on our natural resources for their lives and livelihoods in our number-one industry, tourism. The right-to-work law would have direct effect on fewer people, but of course, the indirect effects would come for our state economy, too.

This. Was. A. Huge. Win.

OneidaHeights said...

This is something that I need an update on. Plenty of smart people are here. Lets see what advice they have:
Fact One: So the Senate is now in the hands of the Dems.
Fact Two: WisDOJ is appealing the ruling by the Federal Court that Wisconsin's redistricting was unfair etc and needed minor revising.
Can the Court of Appeals throw out the entire original ruling and give its own ruling based on the secrecy of the process that the GOP engaged in to create those maps i.e start over?