December 29, 2010

Thought I was reading Boris + Doris for a minute

This is truly ridiculous.
Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, pastor, Holy Redeemer Church of God in Christ
What's he for? So people can't say, "Holloway hasn't got a prayer"?*

Seriously, a 32-person transition team, to prepare for 30 days sitting on a county government chair. I know it's populous Milwaukee, but aren't there only about ten counties in the entire State that even have county executives? That means 62 Wisconsin counties (86%) are operating competently without the position at all, none of which experienced a complete administrative collapse in recent memory.**

* He's actually got two: the Bishop and another Reverend to spare.
** Indeed, the only administrative turmoil has been in MKE County.

(Here's a sample Boris + Doris, if you haven't had the pleasure.)


Clutch said...

Well, you may be thinking in terms of the actual needs for a transition team, rather than the need to make contacts and show a willingness to appoint people.

From that perspective, it's not ridiculous in the least. It's like a peacock's tail or a hippo's yawn; what's different is the adaptive trait that's being advertised.

illusory tenant said...

Of course you're right and I appreciate the community leadership qualities that many of those folks embody. But the showmanship and grandstanding is offputting. I guess I was having a moment of cynicism.

Clutch said...

I don't think it was an unwarranted cynicism at all -- if anything it was insufficiently so. The committee size might be depicted as advertising a lack of shame, in the willingness to appoint all and sundry without much regard for the needs of government.

illusory tenant said...

Indeed there are a number of different perspectives available. Here's one from one of the sharper observers of the local scene.

(Holloway has had an ongoing series of issues at his rental properties. Apparently the sobriquet to left of the Recess Supervisor's backslash is well earned.)