December 30, 2010

Gableman remains less than beloved

Now Wisconsin is stuck with a lying, unprincipled justice serving a 10-year term on its state Supreme Court.
Joel McNally doesn't exactly mince words, does he.

His frustration is in large part justifiable, however.

By the way I don't believe the biggest objection to Goodwin Liu was his Berkeley law professorship — although that was probably enough for partisan buffoons like Jeff Sessions — but rather some incendiary remarks he delivered at Justice Samuel Alito's confirmation hearing.

On the other hand, we are expected to separate a prospective judge's political rhetoric from her ability to render impartial dispositions, but that is not the standard Republicans are espousing in Prof. Liu's case.

Their hypocrisy is strong.

One more by the way. Here is our old friend Rick Esenberg:
No, I don't think [Louis Butler] lost because of the Reuben Mitchell ad. It actually may have helped him.
But of course, it's always helpful to one to be publicly accused of being deliberately complicit in the sexual assault of a child.

I presume what the professor meant to say is that Gableman's own admittedly deliberate and carefully considered accusation may have been a quantitative electoral detriment to his political ambitions, but that is hardly the same thing as it being helpful to Louis Butler.

The truth is, such false and scurrilous accusations help nobody.

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