December 9, 2010

Prosser will "complement" GOP political branches

Our campaign efforts will include building an organization that will return Justice Prosser to the bench, protecting the conservative judicial majority and acting as a common sense compliment [sic] to both the new [Republican] administration and legislature. — David Prosser for Supreme Court
See, this is what I'm talking about.

h/t Patrick Marley. Great call by Ms. Kloppenburg.


Pyrrho said...

While I think the tone of Justice Prosser's press release was a little unfortunate, and I wish it had been phrased a little differently, I really don't think it represents the way he's actually behaved on the court. No doubt he often defers to the other branches (as judges do the vast majority of the time). But he has been a leader in promoting judicial independence in a lot of issues, such as the Fourth Amendment, the right to a jury trial, takings law, and government immunity.

illusory tenant said...

Well then he better straighten this guy out or he'll never hear the end of it.