December 21, 2010

Charlie Sykes officially declared a liar

Local medium wave harlequin Charlie Sykes is a bald liar, according to @PolitiFactWisc, which apparently got one right for a change.
"My 'evidence'? Absolutely none," Sykes wrote in an e-mail.
Note the mockingly dismissive scare quotes around evidence.

Mr. Sykes's devoted constituency is comprised of conservative Republicans, the Party of "family values" and moral superiority.

They were said to be extra double proud today.

eta1: "Jensen declined to speak with reporters after reaching the agreement, but he participated in a phone interview with Sykes, the talk-show host who supported Jensen throughout the scandal."

That's especially instructive.

eta2: Google's Word of the Day just happens to be — mephitic (adjective) Of noxious stench from atmospheric pollution.


Pete Gruett said...

They probably figured they were safe sticking up for the athletic department.

Jason Haas said...

Bravo to PF for getting something right. But will Journal Sentinel print anything about it?

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but when tuition is going up at a university largely funded by the taxpayers, shouldn't someone question why part of this money is being used to allow some forty other people to travel, lodge, and attend the game? Will Walker also be attending the Rose Bowl on the university/taxpayers dime? Do I get to go?

Sure, Sykes is talking out his rear, but there are other issues to consider which are far more important.