September 6, 2010

Wisconsin GOP primary ascends into farce

UPDATE: It was/is this "strategically significant" highway.

Pelosi attack flier was a "hardcore negative slam" — Neumann

The other day, Scott Walker sent out a mailing accusing rival Mark Neumann of voting with Nancy Pelosi on a 1998 transportation bill, when Neumann was in Congress. This is a grievous sin among Republicans: associating with Nancy Pelosi. The Heavens forfend.

It's only the oldest scam in the book, given the oft-mutating voting blocs within a 535-person (plus or minus Guam) bicameral legislature.

Never mind that dozens of other conservative Republicans — anybody top Jesse Helms? — voted for the transportation bill as well. Watch this comical WISN-12 teevee feature tracking Mark Neumann's agent as he stages an insurrection at Scott Walker HQ where, WISN's announcer gravely reports, the agent "received a chilly reception."

Cut the crap. Which highway in Canada did Mark Neumann pay for?

Please, let it be the Queen Elizabeth Way.*

* Disambiguation: #canadiansexpositions

THIS JUST IN: Top GOP mandarin demands Scott Walker stand down

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