September 5, 2010

Mark Neumann did pay for a highway in Canada

"Bridge to Nowhere"* was cool also, except for the Nancy Pelosi
At a press conference on Sunday, Neumann didn't dispute the assertion, but said that the comparison with Pelosi, a liberal Democrat, was a low blow and a "personal attack" against him.
Lots of other folks actually admire Nancy Pelosi and her achievements but for these people even the mildest association with the Speaker of the House is a "low blow," a "personal attack." Fine. That's politics.

Yet the fact that Scott Walker lied — the U.S. government does not pay for highways in Canada — in his official campaign mailer isn't even mentioned, not by Neumann, and not by the Journal-Sentinel, which incidentally launched a new "fact-checking" website last night.

So you are a worse person for simply blowing another reliable Fox News dog whistle at the other guy than you are when you flat out lie.

Which of those two things says more about your suitability seems clear enough. Scott Walker's getting away mighty easy on this one.

The people need to stop validating politicians' sins. Stop teaching them that merely "going negative" is worse than lying like a rug.
Isn't it obvious that no one's concerned with facts anymore?
It's getting there alright.

* That long-ago proposed connection actually is directed in the bill.

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