September 4, 2010

Scott Walker plays the Canuck card

The ever vigilant Xoff spotted an internecine political mailer, in which Republican candidate for Wisconsin governor Scott Walker accuses his Republican primary election rival Mark Neumann of voting for a federal "bill that contained ... funding" for "a highway in Canada."

Et voilà:

Maybe somebody ought to ask Scott Walker which highway in Canada the U.S. federales funded, because it doesn't seem to be in here.

Could have been worse; could have been France (worse yet, Québec).

(Also I heard that road heads straight to New Flyer Industries in Winnipeg, which makes Scott Walker's Milwaukee County buses.)

Or at least put the question to Walker's coterie of communications professionals, whose replies might well be all the more implausible.

Mark Neumann did pay for a highway in Canada
Who else paid for a highway in Canada?
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Clutch said...

Could Mark Neumann please vote a few trillion dollars for some bike lanes in my city, here in Canuckistan?

illusory tenant said...

These ones have a special backpedaling lane for "career politicians."