August 8, 2010

Why do the gays hate the social science?

Not content with having their trial presentations demolished by Judge Vaughn Walker last week, defenders of California's Proposition 8 took to the airwaves this morning, and in the case of the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, apparently craving public humiliation:
TONY PERKINS: One judge, and a district level judge,* and an openly homosexual judge at that ...

JOHN DICKERSON: You mention this claim that he's openly homosexual. I'm not sure if that's in fact the case, but whether he is or isn't, what bearing does that have on the case?

PERKINS: Well, that according to the San Francisco Chronicle,** that he is openly homosexual, one of two federal judges ... I do think it has a bearing on the case.
He knows you think it has A bearing. He asked you what bearing.
DICKERSON: You think it's made his ruling skewed?

PERKINS: Well, I mean, you look at, he ignored a lot of the social science ...
David Boies, who tried the case, is on the split screen, barely containing his laughter at this clown: Face The Nation (8:46).

Funny thing about these self-ordained judicial conservatives. One minute they're bellyaching about judges deferring to social science evidence, the next minute they're bellyaching about having it excluded. Highly principled, they are. Just ask them.

* That is, the federal judges who preside over trials.

** As far as I'm aware, this claim originated from a report noting that Judge Walker had once attended a local bar association function with a physician, who was described as a "companion." And this translates to "openly homosexual" for the "family values" creep Tony Perkins (enough social science to support Perkins's assertion, which was probably about the quality of the junk Judge Walker struck down).

David Boies good-naturedly reminds Tony Perkins of just how these argument things work, but Perkins isn't even paying attention, lost in his "openly homosexual" fantasies. Who knew that hopeless idiocy and projecting sexual paranoia were family values. (Anyone who's ever seen Tony Perkins and his ilk perform, that's who. Hello, Jesus? You got some seriously piss-poor representatives out there.)

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