August 5, 2010

Embrace your emerging wing-nut meme

The neglected bias in the Prop. 8 trial has instead to do with the fact that — as reported in The Los Angeles Times last month — Judge Walker "attends bar functions with a companion, a [presumably, male] physician."
Via — where else — He's just sayin'.

It's easier than considering the actual opinion, I suppose.

Did anyone mention that Judge Vaughn Walker happens to be gay?
McIlheran disciple


Clutch said...

Of course Fox and the rest of the slimeballs would be nudging and winking just the same, if it had been a pro-hetero-only decision authored by a man who often attended bar functions with women.

Gay folk doing gay stuff is a biased special interest! Normal folk doing normal stuff is normal! And what's this Walker guy mean about negative attitudes towards queers?

illusory tenant said...

The Fox News author doesn't explain -- if Judge Walker's personal interests are as much at stake as the author claims -- why Walker didn't jump at the chance to exercise his right to consent to marriage when he had the opportunity, before Prop. 8 reduced him to a morally disfavored citizen again.

Clutch said...

He's a sleeper, you see.