February 3, 2010

Receding glaciers linked to Inhofe's brain fever

Michael Mann cleared of ... everything
A second panel will convene to determine whether Mann's behavior undermined public faith in the science of climate change, the university said Wednesday.
An affirmative answer is all but assured, with the caveat, one hopes, that public "faith" can be fully based in circumstances entirely divorced from the behavior of Prof. Mann (e.g., The Glenn Beck Conspiracy Hour). Which may provide reason enough for climate denialists to crow, but says nothing of the science. It was the other allegations which spoke to the science and the methodologies of science and Mann was exonerated completely on those accounts.

It's practically impossible to believe that James Inhofe is actually a United States Senator, because I'm certain he'd just get laughed out of the Newfoundland knesset.


Free Lunch said...

Inhofe knew there weren't any problems with the climate change research before this. He has an agenda that requires him to mislead Americans. No doubt he thinks that lying is okay if it is for "the greater good". His right-authoritarian followers will excuse any lies that Inhofe tells them.

Clutch said...

I’m very interested in the allusion to the second panel’s assessing whether a scientist’s behaviour has “undermined public faith” in a science. Do they mean “confidence”? How the heck does one measure that, and how do they propose to disentangle the effects of reportage, lobbying, and uptake from the contribution of the scientist’s behaviour itself?

I’ve never seen this sort of inquiry before, one going beyond the issue of whether a researcher committed or suborned fraud by scientific standards. Is this a new thing?

I hope that what that the panel is actually assessing is — at most -- whether Mann’s actions in themselves would have undermined a reasonable and responsibly informed person’s confidence.

Clutch said...

And Inhofe wouldn't even get elected to the Ontario Comitia Calata, never mind being the Governor of Deep River.

illusory tenant said...

Is this a new thing?

I have no idea but it sounds like political CYA to me.

Grant said...

he'd just get laughed out of the Newfoundland knesset

Yeah, well, I find the humor of your motherland incomprehensible.

illusory tenant said...

Ha. Yes, that's a bit esoteric. GG's paean to Petula Clark is a little more accessible.

Grant said...

I'm sensing that this cultural chasm is wider than I had imagined.