February 16, 2010

Skull, buttocks orientation invites suspicion

Homosexuals get agenda tips
They never thought of before
From anti-gay man, ironically
"Why sit down with 7th graders and say to some, 'You will be heterosexual, some [will be] homosexual'?," wondered Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman. "Part of that [homosexual] agenda which is left unsaid is that some of those who throw it out as an option would like it if more kids became homosexuals," Grothman added. Out loud.
And the reason this part of the homosexual agenda is "left unsaid" is exclusively because most people don't have access to the nut-right pantaloon's medulla oblongata, which is the only place it exists.

Emily Mills: Grothman trades up ass-hat points for full crown of glutes

Glenn Grothman is from West Bend, where today two creationists are on the primary election ballot vying for public school board seats.

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