February 10, 2010

Creationist advances secular purpose test

David Weigand: I would like to see "rationale" included in agenda items brought to/from the [West Bend school] board and/or administration. By including rationale, we can understand the reasons behind agenda items and have better discussions while working towards meeting the needs of the community.
h/t Wacked Out West Bend.

Wisconsin constitution: How courts interpret the section.


John Foust said...

Is he fishing for something? In my experience, any school board member will get their fill of hours and hours of rationale. Why does he think "rationale" wasn't there before? What's the monthly pre-meeting packet for, if not "rationale"?

illusory tenant said...

This particular style of rationale:

"Ideas that were once championed by evolutionists are no longer valid, much like the false science behind man-made global warming."

Free Lunch said...

Yes, it does appear that David does not know how the school board operates today.

Remember, IT, Bootsie says that this isn't about creationism at all and we should all stop pointing to the code words that Weigand et al. keep using that look like they are trying to sell creationism. It's just about taxes (which will go up if the district has to spend a couple million dollars defending an indefensible teaching approach).

illusory tenant said...

If I have the timeline correct, candidate Weigand's Schlaflyan associates introduced the question, Weigand responded enthusiastically and proceeded to expand on his views of the issue, which he displayed prominently at his campaign website. Given historical experience both broad and deep, it's appropriate to take and give notice of Mr. Weigand's musings.