February 3, 2010

Liberal Fascism explained

The close ideological resemblance between modern American progressives and the Nazi regime is positively uncanny:
On the morning of 6 May 1933, a group of vans pulled up outside Dr Magnus Hirschfeld's Institute of Sexual Science in the smart Tiergarten district of Berlin. Out of them leapt students from the Berlin School for Physical Education, members of the National Socialist German Students' League. They drew up in military formation, then, while some of them took out their trumpets and tubas and started to play patriotic music, the others marched into the building. Their intentions were clearly unfriendly. Hirschfeld's Institute was well known in Berlin, not only for its championing of causes such as the legalization of homosexuality and abortion, and for its popular evening classes in sexual education, but also for its comprehensive collection of books and manuscripts on sexual topics, built up by the director since before the turn of the century. ... The Nazi students who stormed into the Institute on 6 May 1933 proceeded to pour red ink over books and manuscripts, played football with framed photographs, leaving the floor covered in shards of broken glass, and ransacked the cupboards and drawers, throwing their contents onto the floor. Four days later, more vans arrived, this time with stormtroopers carrying baskets, into which they piled as many books and manuscripts as they could and took them out onto the Opera Square. Here they stacked them up in a gigantic heap and set light to them. About 10,000 books are said to have been consumed in the conflagration. ... Told that the 65-year-old Hirschfeld was abroad recovering from an illness, the stormtroopers said: 'Then hopefully he'll snuff it without us; then we won't need to string him up or beat him to death.'
— Richard J. Evans, The Coming of the Third Reich, pp. 375-76


Free Lunch said...

Unfortunately, the reactionaries and authoritarian followers won't get your sarcasm at all.

illusory tenant said...

Like maybe that pimp guy.

Grant said...

"O'Keefe and his gang are a lot like Fight Club, if all Fight Club ever did was talk about Fight Club."