October 1, 2009

Everybody's fault but mine*

He looked high:
The State never prodded the county to use its unspent allocations on fraud detection, said Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker.
He looked low:
And none of the people who ran the county department since he's been county executive advised him of any need to use up the entire child-care administration allocation, Walker said.
"Ees no my job!"
"There's kind of an 800-pound gorilla in the room that we haven't talked about," observed Joint Finance Committee Co-chair Rep. Mark Pocan.
Republican hopeful Walker gains weight, macroevolutionizes

* h/t Blind Willie Johnson. (And John Bonham & Co., if you wish.)


Jay Bullock said...

I was kind of under the impression that rooting out wastefraudandabuse was a key part of the anti-government worldview. Have I been wrong about this all along?

illusory tenant said...

Haven't you heard? You're a liberal. You're wrong about everything.