October 7, 2009

Conservatives doing science

Okay, not exactly 'doing' science but still 'doing' science in the more colloquial, vulgar sense, if yer pickin' up what I'm puttin' down.
RACHEL MADDOW: There was a study about obesity that you said was junk science. It was about whether or not soda is bad for you and contributed to childhood obesity. I looked into a lot of your campaigning around that. And I saw, for example, your research director testifying to the FDA, was it, about that? Your research director.

RICK BERMAN: Sending a letter.

MADDOW: OK. It was written testimony. It was on your Web site, written testimony there.


MADDOW: David Martosko was his name.


MADDOW: Is he a scientist?

BERMAN: No, David repeats other people's science. That's not the point.

MADDOW: Is he a doctor? Or is he.

BERMAN: David is a Dartmouth graduate. He's one of the smartest guys in Washington about this stuff. He's been studying it for many, many years.

MADDOW: It's been — I want to ask you this because I think it's important to know.


MADDOW: When you‘re talking about your credibility on these issues, it has been reported that David Martosko, before he got this gig as your research director, he — his experience was that he was a producer in AM talk radio. That was his previous job.

BERMAN: David had several jobs. David had several jobs. But.

MADDOW: And his academic credential may be from Dartmouth but it's a degree in music, is that right?

BERMAN: Here's my whole point. David doesn't come on and say, "I have done the research and this is what the research says." David finds the research and publicizes it, and he gives people the opportunity to look at a balanced point of view.

MADDOW: You should have him set it to music.

BERMAN: Well, perhaps so.

Substitute 'biology' for 'medicine' and substitute 'theology' for 'music' and you pretty much got yourself the 'intelligent design movement.'

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