July 6, 2009

Spot the typo

Because I can't:
"As the only statewide Republican candidate in the entire nation to defeat an incumbent Democrat in 2006, we know what has to be done," Van Hollen wrote. "We know what it takes to win and we'll do it again, but I need your continued support to get there."

In reality, Van Hollen's predecessor, Peg Lautenschlager, lost in the Democratic primary to Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk. Van Hollen never got the chance to defeat the incumbent Democrat in '06.

"It may be time to find a hobby for those whose feathers were ruffled by the typo," snickered Darrin Schmitz,* Van Hollen's campaign spokesman.
Dan Bice.

I wonder what the typographical error is. "Statewide," "entire nation," and "incumbent Democrat" all appear to be spelled correctly.

I don't know how far through the alphabet you have to go, but in 2006 in Alabama, Republican Beth Killough Chapman defeated the incumbent Democrat, Nancy L. Worley, to become Secretary of State.

I'm pretty sure that's a statewide office too.

* An intriguing selection by Attorney General Van Hollen, the State of Wisconsin's top law enforcement officer.

Darrin Schmitz also engineered the political campaign of one Mike Gableman, who currently faces potential expulsion from the Wisconsin Supreme Court for violations of the Wisconsin Code of Judicial Conduct committed during that campaign.

Clearly, Gableman received some quality advice from Darrin Schmitz.

And Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, another Republican seeking statewide office, has enlisted the services of yet another supportive associate of Mike Gableman's, R.J. Johnson.

Both Messrs. Schmitz and Johnson appear to specialize in races to the bottom. Must be the Republican way.

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Ordinary Jill said...

I believe that Darrin Schmitz has earned the title of Professional Liar. I think that should be listed as his occupation in all news stories that quote him from now on. The man is paid to produce campaign literature that contains demonstrably false statements. I'm guessing he doesn't get his full fee unless he includes some documentable untruths.