July 8, 2009

Now accepting nominations


Maybe it's about time the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel updated its links to local right-wing bloggers. The latest post at Common Sense Waukesha dates to November, 2008 (post-election ennui, perhaps).

Here's an idea: Hold a contest to see if they can find anyone crazier than even Dad29 or John McAdams. First prize, a signed copy of Liberal Fascism (signed by J-S calumnist Patrick McIlheran, to save money and also commemorate his singular journalistic "techniques").

It would indeed be a mightily challenging search, but the Brew City Brawler may have already located a suitable nominee.

Or else at least fix that horrendous typo. Because it really does reflect poorly on the WPRI's brain trust.


Ensign Steve said...

She's not local, but maybe Victoria Jackson can get an honorable mention:


illusory tenant said...

Ignorance is bliss ... priceless. She'd be perfect.

And already blissful.

gnarlytrombone said...

"Rule one of logic is to state the obvious."

Ipso gutso correcto.

John Foust said...

Hey, they fixed the typo. They must be listening. Do we need to start a write-in campaign for them to create a new category "On the Law"? They could put a link to Illy-T as well as da Shark. Wouldn't that be cozy? :-)