July 7, 2009

McIlheran is a serious journalist, really

P. McIlheran "blogs":
James T. Harris notes who didn't know Vladimir Putin had changed his job title. No, it wasn't Palin.
You might remember James T. "Hip Musings" Harris. Following is the particular musing Mr. McIlheran apparently finds rather hip.
Shut up! Just shut up....

"President..eh.. Prime Minister Putin." He doesn't even know who the president is!

Dude, you're in Russia! Who are you there to see?

What a rube.
Et cetera.*

The quote would be Obama momentarily, mistakenly calling Vladimir Putin "President," and then immediately catching himself.

A couple of things. Obama met with Dmitry Medvedev yesterday, so he quite obviously knows who the President of Russia is. Vladimir Putin was President of Russia for nearly ten years, and as such the honorific might tend to have become a hard habit to break. And neither Harris nor McIlheran are much interested in mentioning the several hundred times Obama has called Putin Prime Minister Putin.

Yet here is Patrick McIlheran, a member of the editorial board and a calumnist for a major American daily newspaper, claiming Obama didn't know that Putin had become Prime Minister of Russia last year.

These two characters are allegedly a pair of the brightest right-wing intellectual luminaries in Milwaukee. Hard to believe, isn't it.

Or maybe not.

* "How dumb are these people? Who was running the telepromter?"

Likely not so dumb that they can't even spell it.


Forward Our Motto said...



Of course, I kinda like the sound of that word. McIlheran the calumnist.

illusory tenant said...


Nope. Truth.