January 16, 2012

Mike "Peppercorn" Gableman must go

Sign Wisconsin Rep. Kelda Helen Roys's petition.

Gableman lied. It wasn't a loophole and Butler didn't find it.

Simple as that.


Kevin said...

Thanks for the link. I had major concerns Kelda wasn't using this just to prop up her flailing Congressional campaign.

illusory tenant said...

Thanks for the unethical judge.

Mike said...

Let's try not to be too stupid, Kevin. Since Gableman has acted in an extraordinarily partisan fashion from day one, it is fitting that he be called out like this. Believe me, it won't hurt Kelda one bit as she seeks higher office. If the judge has an ounce of sense (very much in question), he will not welcome the full-throated partisan support of Scott Fitzgerald regarding her resolution.

illusory tenant said...

Let's try not to be too stupid, Kevin.

Tall order.