January 17, 2012

Lori Compas for Wisconsin Senate

Ms. Compas just turned in 20,600 signatures to recall Big Fitz.

She needed 16,742.


Mike said...

The Dems overlooked SD 13, Scott Fitzgerald's Senate district (Watertown, Beaver Dam, Fort Atkinson, Lake Mills) in favor of three others that have seen closer elections in recent cycles. SD 13 is a 60-40 district, they said.

Fitzgerald cleaned up against a weak candidate in 2010, but then again,
Obama got 48% there. And, you know, a few things have happened lately to put Fitzgerald in a negative light.

The man himself seems to be running scared, whining about how unfair it all is (how rich). It would seem prudent not to discount Lori Compas and her band of citizen activists. Who even thought they would push the recall through? I certainly didn't until a couple weeks ago.

This thing is eminently winnable.

illusory tenant said...

And he filed a complaint with the GAB claiming the law doesn't mean what it says, another "plain meaning" "judicial conservative."

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, the petitions were confiscated by the state patrol.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Agree that it's totally winnable, because I can't believe the residents of a district knew just how low and scummy Fitz really was (heck, a lot of people probably couldn't name him and just checked the right letter, like a lot of voters in a lot of parts do).

And when you've admitted on national TV that the only reason you're doing this is for the national GOP to try to beat Obama in Wisconsin, you should be thrown out on general prinicple.

Lori Compas is the definition of hero, taking it directly to bullies in power. Heck, why not have her run for the seat- we know she has more ethics and intelligence.